mar 03 2024

unfortunately i have decided to decommission this API. the good news is that since this was essentially a mirror of decicus' DecAPI, the source code is freely available over on GitHub. in order to fix most commands, you will need to replace any instance of with, and your commands will begin working again.


however commands that require a token/authentication from your account will need to be reauthenticated with decapi. and i know having to change anything that was once already working is not ideal, so my apologies.

many thanks to decicus and his hard work for so many years on developing and hosting this api for free. if you have the financial means to, please consider supporting him to help cover the hosting and development costs.

if you'd like to reach out to me for anything, social media platforms mostly suck these days. so the easiest places are mastodon, or discord (@crunchprank). i idle in twitchdev and r/twitch in case you need a mutual server.

//see you space cowboy